In Tribute to George Orwell:

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Who was George Orwell?

Why is his greatest book, 1984, so important?

What is the true primary function of psychiatry?

What does it really mean to be schizophrenic?

What does American freedom really mean?


In his classic, 1984–published in 1949–George Orwell selected certain features of his society as a basic skeleton, then fleshed political fiction over the bones. Many parallels between 1984 and the modern world have long been recognized. In Orwell’s Warning: The Greatest Amerikan Paradox, Erik Blaire compares these features to the paradoxes of American politics, violence, and religion. Finding they are inseparable, he proposes that American freedom must therefore also be paradoxical. Armed with clues derived by examining American schizophrenia, obedience, disobedience, and paranoia, Blaire adopts as a factual skeleton the historical puzzle of Francisco Pizarro’s conquering the mightiest empire of South America in one evening with a single boat load of men. Solving the puzzle, he then fleshes in fiction a working model for the most important, yet most neglected of Orwell’s features, the central secret of Oceania. Blaire’s conclusion: Any society which is founded on, and therefore conceals a central secret, must be characterized by a paradoxical or Orwellian state of freedom just like The Greatest Amerikan Paradox.

A fascinating look at Orwell… and psychiatry. This book provides a unique look at George Orwell, as well as a fascinating look into one of the world’s current greatest frauds – the psychiatric industry. There is no other medical industry in the world that actually votes to decided what is and isn’t a disease, rather than looking through a microscope. Blaire … takes us on a journey from Orwell into the depths of the psychiatric industry, drugs such as Prozac, and a look at schizophrenia, obedience, disobedience, paranoia and mind control – and the state of current affairs. It’s a short, fast read, but nonetheless an eye opener.  

Other researchers that support the ideas presented in this book include Thomas Szasz, and Robert Whitaker’s new book Anatomy of an Epidemic.

–Jan Irvin, of (Now

This is a must read! If you care about the direction our country is headed and if you have a burden for the lost people of this world you need to take an afternoon to read this book. Pretty amazing Orwell called it to a tee… truth is stranger than fiction! This clever piece compares and contrasts Orwell’s work while challenging the reader to keep aware and take a second look at the status-quo … we all need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. From here on out our freedoms may be ripped out from under our feet and people will be too constrained by ‘fear’ to do anything about it … the tactic of “playing the game” while making people wake up by feeding them thought provoking scenarios is the only way to break the social norms we see today and get people to think critically again. Find a way to crack the code to awaken the brainwashed masses … the facts are out there, go find them!

–Kenneth Heath, Commercial Pilot, New Mexico

It is compelling. … It is a fascinating, meaningful, intellectual adventure. Well documented, too.

Awesome and powerful ending!

–Carolyn Madison, Editing Consultant, R. J. Communications LLC

How did Francisco Pizarro use the “secret trick” of
Christopher Columbus to conquer the mightiest
empire of South America in one evening,
with a single boat load of men,
and almost no resistance?

 And what does this
have to do with


HINT: The whole world just got “Pizarro’d”.

(Hindsight is 2020!)

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