DOWN TO the Individual AND BEYOND

The OUTER World

(The Seen)

The INNER World

(The UN-Seen)

Modern Economic Revolutionary

Modern Psychologic Revolutionary

Ludwig Von Mises

“The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by … governments.”

Samael Aun Weor

“The fear and the search for security has turned the world into a horrific hell.”

Economics, the Individual,

& the Axiom of Action


Psychology, the Didactic of

Dissolution, & Will Power


The ROOT Problem: The STATE.

The State is to Society…

The ROOT Problem: The EGO.

…what Ego is to The Body.

As WithOUT, So WithIN / As Above, So Below

“A new type of superstition has got hold of people’s minds,

the worship of the state. People demand the exercise of

the methods of coercion and compulsion, of violence

and threat. Woe to anybody who does not bend

his knee to the fashionable idols!”

Ludwig von Mises

“Any attempt at liberation, no matter how great it might be,

if it does not take into consideration the necessity of

dissolving the ego, it is condemned to failure.”

–Samael Aun Weor


Since the External is a Reflection of the Internal

“Any attempt at external decentralization, no matter how great it might be,

if it does not take into consideration the necessity of internal

decentralization, it is condemned to failure.”

–Erik “The Wretche” Blaire

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Ego (Straight-jacket) Attached/ Essence Trapped/ St. Peter’s StarGate Closed


Ego (Straight-jacket) Dissolved/ Essence Released/ St. Peter’s StarGate Open

The Freeing of Hiram Abiff by the Light of Shekinah by Erik The Wretche

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Instinctual Sex: Fornication

Cathexis: Loose/ Least Effort

RE-gresses to:


Uniquely Human Sex: Chastity

Cathexis: Bound/ Greatest Effort

PRO-gresses to:


Homo Sapien Mitochondrion


Homo Sapien Sapien


“And … darkness was upon the face of the deep [waters].” –Gen 1:2


“And Elohim* said, Let there be light: and there was light.” –Gen 1:3

[ *Elohim = god(s) + goddess(es); replaced by the word “God”]

“In the name of truth, it is urgent to know that the Christ is not merely someone

historical. … That concept is erroneous, because Christ is not of time.

The Christ is timeless! The Christ unfolds itself from instant to

instant, moment to moment; Christ is the sacred

fire, the cosmic, sacred fire.”

–Samael Aun Weor, Christ and the Virgin: The Forgotten Purpose of Christianity


Star of Life

Keter’s Door Man,

St. Peter’s Gate Keeper,

Daat: The Mystery Sefirot,

Guardian of the Threshold,

The Tree of Knowledge

of Good and Evil,

Sky Serpent,

The Great



“The God Khristus (Christ) comes from very ancient cults to the god of fire.

The interlaced P and the X represent the P (pyre) and the X (cross).

Hence, this is the hieroglyph to produce the fire. … It is necessary

to produce the fire, to work with the sacred fire to achieve

Christification (The Arcanum A.Z.F. is the key).”

Samael Aun Weor, Christ and the Virgin: The Forgotten Purpose of Christianity

“Sex can liberate or enslave the human being. No one can attain integrity,

no one can be deeply Self-realized, without sexual energy.”

–Samael Aun Weor, Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot



The Bifurcation Card


Make the 2 as 1, So YOU can:

Close the Circuit, So SHE can:

“At times of rigorous temptation, depression and desolation,

we must appeal to the intimate remembrance of ourselves.”

“Deep down within each of us is the Aztec TONANZIN, STELLAR MARIS,

the Egyption ISIS, Mother Goddess, waiting for us, to cure our broken hearts.”

“When we give ourselves the shock of “self-remembrance,” it really produces

a miraculous change in every function of the body, so that the

cells receive a different type of a nourishment.”

–Samael Aun Weor,  Revolutionary Psychology

To Be Continued…

In the meantime I highly recommend

the excellent documentary:


“Experience is better than belief.”

Sample Lectures:

Energy, Matter, and Consciousness (Transcript) PDF

Meditation and Comprehension (Transcript)

Heart Doctrine (Transcript)

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(Founded by Samael Aun Weor)

As Without So Within / As Above, So Below

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Outland. By Berkeley Breathed 1/16/1994

In his 20th century classic, 1984, George Orwell provided us a superior portrait of the psychological problem of power addiction, internal division, and centralization permeating modern society today. Samael Aun Weor, resurrector of the Gnostic Movement in the 20th century, taught an ancient form of psychology that directly addresses this problem. While I do not agree with everything taught by Glorian, nor can I claim to understand everything they teach, to use the original meaning of the word: I can “give faith” (testify by direct personal experience) that their teachings concerning the disintegration of this internal problem is spot on, having “alcohol-ism” (a complicated trauma-based pattern of self-abuse–usually imagined using medical metaphor) vanish in 2010 in a heart based chemical flame or bio-luminescence (distinctly feminine, and absolutely glorious! See below.)

Science and religion are not in conflict, they’re two different approaches to the same reality if from an empathy based perspective. The real issue lies between centralized vs. de-centralized. The conflict between them stems from power addiction, under any label, which opposes and attacks anything that does not bend the knee, submit, and obey. Whether you’re a theist or an atheist or somewhere in between makes no difference: belief vs dis-belief is a pendulum of abstraction, a battle of the opposites. We must free ourselves from the tyranny of these opposites. Beliefs are like a life-boat. You get into the boat to get somewhere, not to go around forever in circles on the waters of life. Once you reach the shore you get out and plant your feet into direct experience and leave the boat behind. It served it’s purpose. If your beliefs aren’t leading you to the shore, you might consider re-evaluating them. Direct experience is always superior to mere belief.

–Erik The Wretche

ALL of the organizations that make available for free the writings, lectures, etc. of Samael Aun Weor are volunteer and donation based:

To ensure free access for everyone, [Samael]…Aun Weor did not allow for his teachings to be paid, … according to what he said: “Why am I going to collect that which divinity has given me for free?” —

We have to say the truth always, at any cost, and no matter what. –Samael Aun Weor

We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. –George Orwell

The State is to Society what Ego is to the Body, so work to dissolve the State within. –Erik The Wretche

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